College of Biological Science and Engineering

生工讲坛:Mild processing for sustainable protein transition

发布日期:2019-12-01 发布者:生工学院

主 讲 人:Marieke E. Bruins博士

地  点:大学科技园1号楼北911

主 办 方:生工学院

开始时间:2019-12-02 14:30


    Marieke E. Bruins博士是生物工艺技术专家,获得了荷兰瓦格宁根大学生物技术硕士学位和食品与生物工艺工程博士学位。她曾在工厂担任工艺工程师(DSM,Centocor)并且获得个人奖学金(VENI)于瓦格宁根大学(Wageningen University)完成了博士后的学习。在她担任WFBR高级科学家之前,她曾担任了Johan Sanders教授5年的助理教授。她的主要工作是工艺技术,着眼于生物基大宗化学品的生产。凭借着对蛋白质和生物精炼特殊的兴趣,她是5名博士生的共同导师。目前,她正指导3名博士生,并担任生物精炼温和分离技术专家。重点关注食品驱动的生物炼制、蛋白质、工业残渣以及提取、干法分离、结晶和脉冲电场等特定技术。


  Achieving a full transition from animal to plant protein requires more diverse set of functional proteins for use in food products. In our projects, we use not only conventional crops, but also new alternative sources and side streams from agriculture to enable effective use of resources and develop new product applications. Side streams that contain leafy material will be discussed. They can originate from the primary production process like leaves and stems from crops, but can also be a residue after collection and processing for other products.